41st Annual Portland Roadster Show Pictoral

1930's Coupe

1946/7 Woody Wagon

1970 GMC Truck

Pretty Pair

1936 Ford

1955 Chevy Bel Air

1932 Ford

Chevy Coupe

196? Ferrari

1932 Sedan

1934 Racing Coupe

Customized 1932

1937 Ford?

1934 Ford

1937 Ford

Ford Coupe
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13 March 2003

Wow, a whopping five cars have been added in the past year. Of course now that I have my own domain name, I might be more apt to keeping it up to date. Then again maybe not. Of course it is currently ski season again, and I've been spending most weekends on the slopes. Starting the end of this month is the summer series for racing.

01 May 2002

I know I'm slow. Lucky for you ski season is over. Of course that means I'll probably be spending time working on one of my two vehicles now that the weather is getting nice. Oh well, so much for spending time continuing to build a bigger and better website.

03 March 2002

I've got two more new cars added today. Slow and steady just like the turtle. Maybe once the ski season is over (in 2 months - it's prime this month and next month will probably be the end), maybe I'll get like a rabbit and kick in the turbo to get this section finished. Then I can start on the next one.

24 Febuary 2002

I've got two new cars added today.